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Material Handling


  • Handy-Mag Trio

    Make your warehouse operate as efficiently as possible with the Handy-Mag Trio Set.  These products are always available when you need them, where ...

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  • Handy-Mag Multi-Purpose Dispenser

    Conveniently holds and dispenses all types of gloves, wipes, tissues or bags Includes (4) powerful magnets that can mount on any ferrous metal sur...

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  • Handy-Mag Stretch Wrap Holder

    Black plated steel construction Easily mounts on the forklift or on racks Magnetic mount includes (3) 80 lbs test rubber covered magnets Secures...

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  • Orange Polyester Work Gloves with Polyurethane Coating

    Protect your hands with the Polyester Work Gloves.  Coated with a polyurethane coating to protect from cuts and abrasions while providing excellent...

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  • Altra Pallet Truck

    The Altra Lift hand pallet jack is a budget-conscious hand truck ideal for use on-the-go on light-duty loading docks, delivery trucks, or moving pr...

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  • Liftow General Purpose Pallet Truck

    The Liftow general purpose hand pallet truck is designed to meet the challenges of the modern material-handling environment. Uncompromised performa...

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  • Low Profile Pallet Truck

    2" Low Height 27" x 48" Many different pallets and skids in industry today have created a need for unique pallet handling products. The Low Profil...

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  • Four Way Ultra-Low Profile Truck

    1.75" Low Height   33" x 48"  or  27" x 48" Saving time and energy is the need and the Premium HPT by Lift-Rite™ is the solution. Ease of pallet en...

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  • Lift-Rite PST 5000™

    Up to 67% less effort! Lift-Rite PST 5000™ reduces inertial resistance to a minimum through an innovative laboursaving system. One simple manual o...

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  • Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck

    The Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck comes complete with: Specially designed for corrosive environments or applications that demand high standard...

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  • Fully Automatic Electric Pallet Truck with Power Drive

    The Fully Automatic Electric Pallet Truck utilizes both power drive and powered lift and is equipped with a maintenance free 24V/20Ah lithium ion b...

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  • Side Winder Pallet Truck

    Transport long loads down narrow aisles with this heavy duty Sidewinder Pallet Truck. This versatile Pallet Truck retains all the quality workmansh...

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  • All Terrain Pallet Truck

    This lightweight yet strong tubular frame handles evenly distributed loads up to 2,000 lbs. (2,000 lb. at 12" and 1,500 lb. at 15"). Designed to tr...

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  • Hand Pump Tote Lifter

    Designed to lift open bottom skids, boxes and baskets. Two operations available: hand pump and 12V DC power with rocker switch to raise or lower. H...

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  • Pallet Truck w/ Scale

    Comes with built in digital scale! The Pallet Truck With Scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The frame has a he...

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  • Electric Ergonomic 3000

    The Electric Ergonomic 3000 comes complete with: Capacity: 3,000 lbs. Load: 24" Lowered Height: 3-1/4" Raised Height: 31-1/2" Fork Length: 48" Fra...

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  • Combination Hand Pump and Electric Stacker

    An economical alternative DC powered lift stacker. Ideal for maintenance and commercial applications. This unit can be used as manual hand pump lif...

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  • Manual Hand Pump Stacker

    Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump Stackers are sturdy and compact to fit through standard doors. Forks are raised by manual hydraulic hand pump operation ...

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  • Manual Hand Winch Stackers

    Manual Hand Winch Stackers feature a heavy duty mast and a unique winch design for easier and safer lifting. Lift and lower by hand winch and steel...

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  • Easy Lift Stacker

    Lifting or transporting light-weight materials can be done easily with the Easy-Lift. The Easy-Lift is an economical solution to material handling ...

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  • Pallet Jockey

    The Pallet Jockey is a simple device that allows drivers and warehouse personnel to efficiently unload sideways pallets with their "Walkie" powered...

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  • Manual Brush Sweeper

    Create a cleaner workplace while not sacrificing worker productivity because this unit sweeps faster and better than four workers. This time saving...

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  • Multi-Surface Magnet

    The Multi-Surface Magnet comes with 7” wheels and a removable handle for easy storage. The optional rake loosens metal debris from grass or gravel,...

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  • Mobile Safety Ladder Stands

    The Mobile Safety Ladder Stands comes complete with: No handrail 15” platform depth 1” x 16 ga. round tubing construction 3” swivel spring load ca...

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