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Battery Safety


  • Complete Forklift Battery Protective Handling PPE Kit

    This complete forklift battery handling personal protective safety equipment kit mounts conveniently on any wall so that everything is within easy ...

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  • Additional Parts for the Battery PPE Kit

    Safety equipment to assist with battery maintenance Forklift batteries contain sulfuric acid which is a hazardous material and the MSDS informatio...

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  • The Battery Care Box

    Proper battery care requires special tools and personal protection equipment in order to do the job right. The Battery Care Box puts it all togethe...

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  • Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit

    Industrial Forklift Battery Handling and Care Battery Acid Spill Kit is ideal for industrial plants with forklift battery acid spills. In case of a...

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  • Froetek Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System

    Save time and increase safety with the Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System. The low profile battery caps are specially engineered to fit most ...

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  • Portable Forklift Battery Watering Cart

    Quickly water your forklift battery anywhere! This 10 gallon forklift battery watering cart is portable allowing for convenient and easy battery m...

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  • Forklift Battery Watering Gun

    The front trigger battery watering gun safely and easily adds water to your industrial batteries. The gun automatically shuts off at the correct f...

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  • Watering Gun Buddy

    The Watering Gun Buddy features: 1. 50’ length retractable ½” PVC hose with auto-locking and release 2. Durable polypropylene casing 3. Features a...

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  • De-ionizer Water Filtration System

    Certain dissolved impurities in standard tap water will corrode the inside of the battery and decrease your battery life and performance. With a De...

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  • SmartBlinky Battery Watering Monitor

    The SmartBlinky models provide the brightest and most effective electrolyte level indication of any battery watering monitor system, so you know wh...

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  • Replacement Battery Caps

    These replacement Battery Vent Caps fit all standard bayonet type batteries. 

  • Econ-O-Flip Vent Cap

    The Econ-O-Flip Safety Vent cap is ergonomically designed to decrease time and effort to perform standard battery maintenance. Fits all standard ba...

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  • Cap-off Forklift and Industrial Battery Cap Removal Tool

    Save time and be safe with this innovative battery tool!  Battery maintenance has just gotten easier and safer with the innovative Cap-off battery ...

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  • Hydrogen Gas Detector

    As a byproduct of the battery charging process, hydrogen gas accumulates in every battery room, and without robust ventilation systems, gas can acc...

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  • Gravity Feed Eye Wash

    A convenient eyewash station that can mount on any wall OSHA approved emergency eyewash stations are needed in the workplace for adequate eye prot...

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  • Hydrosep Water Treatment

    Treat your water and remove harmful bacteria and impurities in your water supply. The Hydrosep Water Treatment Additive treats 5 to 20 gallons of w...

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  • Yellow Bowl™ Eye Wash Station

    First Aid Emergency Eyewash Station The first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance, especially a corrosive substance, are crit...

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  • Yellow Bowl Shower/Facewash

    Great for corrosive environments this unit provides a full body immersion Combination Shower / Eyewash Station Self-Adjusting Regulators assure 8 ...

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  • Hook Plate

    Hook Plates enable any fork truck to safely lift a load using chains, cables, or slings.  Features slanted fork openings measuring 6-1/2" wide by 1...

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  • Forklift Battery Lifting Beam

    This 36" battery lifting beam has a standard 6,000 lb. capacity. The lifting hooks are adjustable to fit most batteries. Can be used in conjunction...

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  • Battery Sling

    • This 2” x 5’ Battery Changing sling has been designed to hook onto the eye bolt holes on both side of the battery. Attach the Battery Sling to a ...

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  • Battery Roller Service Stands - Single, Double, Triple

    Designed for removal of a battery for watering and maintenance. The Battery Roller Service Stand Features: Welded Steel Construction Non-conduct...

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  • Battery Roller Service Stands with Charger Shelf - Double or Triple

    Designed as a complete service charging station. Ideal for keeping chargers up to 800 lbs. in a safe place off the floor. The Battery Roller Servic...

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  • Battery Transfer Cart

    Battery Transfer Cart is designed for use with pallet trucks to load, unload, and transfer fork truck batteries. Features roller deck for easy batt...

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