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Dock Equipment


  • Aluminum Truck Dock Board

    The Aluminum Truck Dockboard is engineered and built to maximize safety while handling heavy fork trucks and loads. The beveled edge is designed fo...

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  • Aluminum Truck Dock Plate

    Are ideal for use with hand carts, motorize pallet jacks and light weight material handling equipment (but not forklifts). The Aluminum Truck Dock ...

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  • Dock Board Optional Parts

    For counterbalanced forklift trucks, axle load is 90% of the total weight. For powered pallet trucks, axle load is 67% of the total weight.

  • Portable Poly Dock Plate

    The Portable Poly Dock Plate is for use with two and four wheeled dollies, hand trucks and carts. Constructed of durable High Density Polyethylene ...

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  • Poly Curb Ramp

    New Poly Curb Ramp for use with hand trucks or wheeled carts. Provides a safe method to move heavy loads over curbs or up steps with ease. 1” side ...

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  • Aluminum Wheel Risers

    For applications where the shipping/receiving dock is much higher than the truck floor or trailer bed. These wheel risers will raise the truck floo...

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  • Edge-O-Dock Leveller

    20,000 - 25,000 lb. capacity The Edge-O-Dock permanently attaches to the face of your dock, providing immediate use while saving valuable floor sp...

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  • Auto-Stand Plus Stabilizing Jack

    Only one stand required!  The Auto-Stand Plus is user friendly by being easy to move, simple to operate and provides the free-fall security necessa...

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  • Trailer Stabilizing Jack

    Only one stand required!  The Trailer Stabilizing Jack comes complete with: up to 100,000 lb. Static Load Capacity (45,359 kg) Large Base Pad (17...

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  • Ratchet Top Stabilizer Jack

    Ratchet Top Stabilizer Jack The Ratchet Top Stabilizer Jack comes complete with: 40,000 lb lifting capacity 100,000 lb. Static Load Capacity 41” -...

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  • LED Dock Lights

    Product Features: Uses up to 94% Less Energy than traditional incandescent fixtures Optimum brightness throughout the entire length of the trailer...

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  • Dock Traffic Lights

    The Sure-Lite is an unrivaled, low cost alternative to maintain communication between truck drivers and loading dock attendants. The red and green ...

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  • Pallet Pullers

    Pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork truck access. Rugged steel construction. Heads are self-cleaning and unaf...

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  • Pallet Puller Chain with Grab Hooks

    To be used together with the Pallet Pullers Pulling Capacity 6000 lbs.

  • Wheel Chock Safety System

    Most fatal accidents are a result of trailers not being properly secured. This system requires the truck driver to confirm that the trailer brakes ...

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  • ECO Plastic Wheel Chock

    • Bright yellow wheel chock easy to see when in use • Light weight only 2 lbs • Easy to use handle makes it easy to carry and pull out of tire • Ha...

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  • Aluminum Wheel Chock *Small*

    Wheel Chock Model SC-6 Features: - Lightweight - Excellent surface grip on tire & ground - 6" Wide x 6.8 " Long x 6" High, Weighs 3.5 lbs.   Co...

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  • Aluminum Wheel Chock *Large*

    Wheel Chock Model SC-8 Features: - Lightweight - "Claw" like bottom assures dependable grip on any ground or surface - 7" Wide x 11 1/2 " Long x 8"...

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  • Steel Chock Made for Icy Conditions

    Wheel Chock Model IC-10 Features: - "Tooth" like bottom assures reliable grip on icy / slippery conditions - Powder coated safety yellow for high v...

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  • Rubber Pyramid Chock with U-Handle

    Wheel Chock Model WC-5810 Features: - Solid rubber is most durable - Hook for chain fastening - 8" Wide x 10 " Long x 5" High, Weighs 12 lbs.   Com...

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  • Rubber Wheel Chock with Integral Handle

    Wheel Chock Model CMH-94 Features: - One piece of solid rubber - Integral handle - 7 1/4" Wide x 9 3/4" Long x 7 3/4" High, Weighs 13 lbs.   Comple...

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  • Rubber Wheel Chocks Pyramid with Eye Hook

    Wheel Chock Model 68-9 Features: - Economical construction - Handles for chain fastening - 8" Wide x 9 " Long x 6" High, Weighs 9 lbs.   Complete W...

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  • Rubber Chock with Eye Hook

    Wheel Chock Model MWC-32 Features: - Good stability - Handles for chain fastening - 6 1/2" Wide x 9 1/2" Long x 8 1/2" High, Weighs 13 lbs.   Compl...

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  • Laminated Wheel Chock Model *Small*

    Wheel Chock Model 88-8 Features: - Recycled rubber laminates compressed and fastened under high pressure - Galvanized steel sides - 8" Wide x 8" Lo...

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