Looking for a Reach Truck? - Check these Options!

Looking for a Reach Truck? - Check these Options!

If you are looking for the right Lift Truck, Toyota lift trucks are varied and versatile, and each individual truck can cover a wide range of services and lifting capacities. But when you need something very specific, there’s probably a Toyota model —or several— that can give you exactly what you need. Take reach trucks, for example. If you need a truck that’s specifically designed to safely lift items from shelves higher than employees can access on their own, a reach truck should be on your list. And Toyota has two exceptional models that come with different offerings and specs.

Here’s a quick overview:


The Standard Toyota Reach Truck

The classic Reach Truck can transform workflows in your warehouse or distribution center by providing hours and years of tireless, low-maintenance lifting and transport capacity. As a high-performance truck with a long life expectancy, the cost of ownership and operation for this truck are far outweighed by its benefits in efficiency and productivity.

This truck has a lifting capacity of 2,500 to 4,500 lbs. and a maximum speed (loaded) of 7.5 mph. IT offers a 30.5-foot maximum fork height, an interactive digital display panel and 180-degree electronic power steering. IT has an AC-powered drive system with torque control and a narrow width of 43-61 inches.


The Walkie Reach Truck

The Toyota Walkie Reach Truck is designed to minimize operator fatigue with easy versatility and maneuverability. Operators walk behind this model instead of sitting, which increases efficiency and uptime and helps both you and your employees get more out this reliable and high-value truck.

The Walkie Reach Truck has a 3,000 lb. lifting capacity and a 2.8 mph travel speed when fully loaded. IT offers a spring-loaded torsion bar suspension, dual hydraulic reach cylinders and a 24-volt electrical system. A MOSFET programmable controller allows users to program specific settings that can be accessed with each use, and a simple on-off key switch means the lift can be used by any authorized operator.

For more information on either model, or to download spec sheets for free, contact Liftow or visit our website today.


Reach-Truck OPTIONS

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