WatchDawg Forklift Operator Warning System

Product Description

The WatchDawg Forklift Operator Warning System uses infrared laser technology designed to detect retroreflective materials such as reflective tape on high visibility safety vests and markers. 

The sensor has a 60 degree horizontal by 45 degree vertical detection area and will sound a loud continuous-tone audible alert while detecting the reflective material.  The WatchDawg is designed for use on forklifts as well as other types of industrial mobile equipment in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

The included stainless steel bracket with hardware can be attached to horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces.  Sensor settings such as detection distance, direction and test mode can be configured using the optional USB Configuration Cable and sensor software (only one USB configuration cable is required for as many sensors purchased). 

The optional Accessory Cable can be used to attach third-party accessories such as cameras, data-loggers, alarms, etc. 

Keep your forklift operators and pedestrians alert with the WatchDawg Warning System.



  • 12-55V Operating Voltage
  • Includes 20 feet of plastic cable sleeve
  • Accommodates up to four sensors
  • Detection range begins at 4 feet
  • Audible alarm intensifies as pedestrians or object nears
  • High Sensitivity Digital Radar produces low false alarm rate
  • Anti-jamming housing design with anti-interference properties
  • 1 year warranty
Prices are subject to change without notice.