SAFE-Lift DVD Package

Product Description
All forklift training programs on one dvd!

Lift truck training is now easier and more convenient. The DVD incorporates all the SAFE-Lift Training Program onto one convenient disc. It is menu driven, so you can simply click on the program you wish to show and click on the module that you would like to view.

Comes complete with: Counterbalance English and French, Narrow Aisle Forklift, Pallet Truck. Bonus! Also comes with: Pedestrian Safety English and French and What’s Wrong With This? (Refresher Training).

The SAFE-Lift DVD Package comes complete with:
  • 1 Counterbalance Instructor Guide
  • 1 Narrow Aisle Instructor Guide
  • 1 Pallet Truck Instructor Guide
  • 1 Counterbalance Operator Manual
  • 1 Narrow Aisle Operator Manual
  • 1 Pallet Truck Operator Manual
  • 1 Counterbalance Examination
  • 1 Narrow Aisle Examination
  • 1 Pallet Truck Examination
  • 3 Safety Posters
  • 10 Certificates (Wall and Wallet)
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