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De-ionizer Water Filtration System
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De-ionizer Water Filtration System

This Water Filtration System increases the life of a forklift battery!

Certain dissolved impurities in standard tap water will corrode the inside of the battery and decrease your battery life and performance. With a Deionizer Water Kit, you can easily and inexpensively remove these harmful impurities. This DW-KIT purifies water prior to going into the battery. This helps to keep the battery in peak operating condition and can extend battery life. In fact, depending on the supply water quality, one cartridge can clean up to 600 gallons before needing replacement.

Each battery in your facility cost several thousand Dollars. Each battery has a set amount of potential. Maintaining proper water levels and using purified water can help you to get the most potential out of your batteries. A small initial investment in a DW-KIT and a watering tool will help protect your battery investment.

How does it work?
Water is passed through a cartridge containing anion and cation resins. These resins remove dissolved impurities from the water. As purified water exits the cartridge, the monitoring light glows. After up to 600 gallons has flowed through the cartridge, the monitoring light will begin to flicker. At this point the cartridge is near exhaustion. When the monitoring light finally goes dark, a replacement cartridge (DW-CAR) is needed to restore the kit to proper working order. The new cartridge threads right into the DW-KIT brackets and is running again in no time. The old DW-CAR cartridge is non-toxic and has no special disposal requirements.
Net Weight (lbs.): 22 lbs.
Order Information:
De-Ionizer Replacement Cartridge
DW-CAR-E  (Replacement Cartridge)
Price:  $265.00
De-Ionizer Replacement Cartridge (DW-CAR-E)

De-Ionizer Water Filtration System
DW-KIT-E  (De-ionizer Kit)
Price:  $555.00
De-Ionizer Water Filtration System (DW-KIT-E)

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